Vegetable Biryani

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Mother India Organic Punjabi Chhole, a hearty favorite from Punjab, which means Land of the Five Rivers, is a tangy dish of chickpeas slowly cooked in a special thick sauce of onions and tomatoes, seasoned with a spicy array of traditional Indian herbs. It goes well with pita bread or bhatura - a fried flat bread made from yogurt-based dough. Served with lemon or chilli pickle and garnished with slices of onion and fresh lemon, it can be a delicious side dish or a complete meal when served with fragrant Basmati rice. Mother India® Organic Punjabi Chhole offers you the authentic taste of Northwest India right at your own table in minutes.


Ingredients: Chickpeas*, Onion*, Tomato*, Garlic*, Coriander leaves*, Sunflower oil*, Green chilies*, Ginger*, Salt, Ghee (clarified butter)*, Pomegranate seeds*, Cumin powder*, Tea powder*, Corn flour*, Black cardamom*, Cinnamon*, Mace*, Caraway seeds *, Black pepper*, Coriander seeds*, Fenugreek leaves*, Sugar*, Cloves*, Water.  

Ingredients with * are Certified Organic