Organic Vegan Worcestershire Sauce

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To create Organic Vegan Worcestershire, The Wizard has taken a very well-known and beloved table sauce and given it his special, magical twist. Common worcestershire sauce contains anchovies, but not ours! The Wizard has created a delicious full-bodied, vegan worcestershire sauce using exclusive ingredients from his plant-based pantry. Crafted from costly organic spices and seasonings, The Wizard's™ Organic Worcestershire Sauce is zesty and delicious on all your favorite foods, from veggie burgers to Bloody Mary's!

Ingredients: Organic apple cider vinegar, organic tamari (water, organic soybeans, organic wheat, salt), organic molasses, filtered water, organic agave syrup, salt, organic lemon juice concentrate, organic ginger puree, organic tamarind, organic chili pepper, organic garlic powder, xanthan gum, organic shiitake mushrooms, organic allspice, organic cloves, organic orange extract, organic lemon extract, natural smoke flavor, natural onion flavor.

Labeled as being processed on equipment that may contain allergens such as peanuts, nuts, soybeans, wheat, and dairy.

Nutritional Information: Serving size: 1 tsp Servings per Container: 59 Calories: 5 Carbohydrates: 1g Fat: 0g Saturated Fat: 0g Trans Fat: 0g Sodium: 130mg Sugars: 1g Fiber: 0g Protein: 0g