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Bath Solution & Facial Cleaner - To stimulate and invigorate your body inside & out with OXY-TECH bathing solution! You will feel the bubbles as they surround your body like the natural hot springs & healing pools of lourdes.
For A Bath:  Add 8 OZ. of OXY-TECH to a tub of warm water, slip in and relax for at least 30 minutes.


For Facial Cleaner:  Dilute to 3% for direct applications. Mix 11 OZ. distilled water with 1 OZ. of OXY-TECH and apply with cotton ball or spray entire body after shower.


Personal Uses for H202

Athlete’s Foot:  Soak feet 10-20 minutes each night in 3% h202 until condition is in remission.

Bath: One cup of 35% hydrogen peroxide to a full bathtub for a detoxifying bath. Note: try not to use this after  6-7pm as the increased absorbed oxygen may keep you awake.

Douche:  Add five to six tablespoons 3%  H202 to one quart of distilled of filtered water.

Enema:  Mix up to six tablespoons (maximum)  3% H202 to one quart of distilled water.
Foot relaxer:   Add one cup of 3% H202 to one gallon of hot water and soak one half  hour.
Shower: Spray after showering, with 3% H202 to restore the natural acid mantle of the skin. (Soap used in the shower removes the protective acid mantle of the skin.)
Facial: For rejuvenation and freshening after washing, saturate a cotton wad with 3% H202 and gently rub on face and neck.

Mouthwash:  On arising rinse mouth with water then gargle and wash mouth with 3% H202, swishing for one half to one minute.  (Note: a dash of chlorophyll adds flavor and effectiveness.) Helps prevent colds.

Nasal Spray: One tablespoon of 3% H202 added to one cup of pure water. Spray into nasal passages to relieve congestion.

Toothpaste:  Make a paste of baking soda and H202 and store in tightly sealed container.  Or dip brush in 3% H202 and brush teeth.

Denture Soak:  Use 3% in denture container and soak 30 to 60 minutes or overnight.

Deodorant: (Body)  Saturate cotton wad with 3% H202 and rub on under arms.