Dal Makhani

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Mother India Organic Dal Makhani is one of Punjab's most characteristic dishes, a protein packed blend of black gram (urad beans), Bengal gram (a type of chickpea), and red kidney beans. Traditionally cooked for hours over a slow charcoal fire, it develops a rich silky texture which is then delicately tempered and seasoned with light cream and exotic spices. Garnish with chopped coriander leaves and serve with fragrant basmati rice and Indian breads such as roti or phulka. Mother India Organic Dal Makhani offers you the authentic taste of Northwest India at your own table in minutes.


Ingredients: Black gram*, Split Bengal gram*, Red kidney beans*, Butter*, Red chilies*, Salt, Cream*, Onion*, Tomato*, Sunflower oil*, Ginger*, Garlic*, Green chilies*, Coriander leaves*, Cumin seeds*, Fenugreek leaves* Cloves*, Cinnamon*, Black cardamom*, Star anise*, Green cardamom*, Bay leaves*.  

Ingredients with * are Certified Organic.