Sliced American Cheese

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It never seemed right that the cheese that represents our nation—American cheese—was not actually cheese, but processed cheese food (what the heck is that, anyway?). It seemed even less right that our nation's children eat an awful lot of that processed cheese food. What choices did parents have? So we decided it was time to reinvent the American classic. It took some time and a lot of experimentation to get our recipe right, but we've finally come up with a cheese that has the mild, melty cheesy goodness kids love, with none of the emulsifiers that worry parents. And of course we make it with the creamy organic milk produced on our small family farms. If that's not truly American, we don't know what is!

  • 100% Real, unprocessed American Cheese!
  • Mild, cheesy taste that kids love and parents approve (Preferred 2:1 over Horizon American Pasteurized Processed Cheese Food)
  • Perfect for grilled cheese sandwiches, burgers, snacks and the school lunchbox
  • Made with certified organic milk. No antibiotics, toxic pesticides, synthetic hormones or GMOs.
  • From Organic Valley family farms

Ingredients: Organic pasteurized cultured milk, salt, organic annatto, microbial enzymes.