The Living Earth Departments

At the Living Earth, We believe that organic foods offer us the best opportunity to heal our bodies and our planet, so throughout the store you will notice that we as organic, whenever possible. Organic and all natural foods are the best way to avoid genetically modified organisms (GMOs).  In all of our departments you’ll find that we come very close to meeting our goal of 100% organic, unprocessed, and Non-GMO foods.


Kitchen @ LE Foods

Our prepared foods are the next best thing to Mama's cooking! We are known for our incredible, almost 100% organic, prepared food that’s always made from scratch in small batches right here in the Living Earth kitchen. We offer Grab and Go Organic Salads, Cold Sandwiches and Wraps, pre-cooked and/or Grilled Vegetables, Ancient Grains & Meats, Vegan Chilies, Natural Stews & Chowders, and an array of other Gourmet Deli goods, for our customers on the go.


Organic Produce Department

We view organic as the only way.  We committed to offering as much organic produce over 40 years ago and we haven’t stopped.  We favor small local growers and vendors (when possible) for added nutrient density, sustainability and community. We provide for a seasonal Co-op Market pick up, to ensure our local growers grow. Our goal is to keep it clean, and to keep you well fed. At Living Earth we always tell you our produces origin, including the names of local farms providing the freshest organic fruits and vegetables seasonally.


Meat and Seafood

The Living Earth offers Chicken, Turkey, Beef, Bison, Lamb, and Pork. All of our meats are responsibly raised Meats and favor smaller, local, certified producers. We offer 100% grass-fed meat and never sell meat raised with hormones or antibiotics, and refuse to sell feedlot grain-fed beef.  The Living Earth only promotes sustainable seafood where the production never jeopardizes the environmental integrity or the integrity of the product.


Grocery, Refrigerated & Frozen

We believe that foods should resemble the whole unprocessed state as much as possible,  Although, due to the popularity of some products that are processed particularly grains and sweeteners, we do sell them as long as they pass our core values.


Fine Wine & Craft Beer

The Living Earth has the distinct and pocket conscious selection of sustainably produced and biodynamic wines, including a number of local produced wines. We have wonderful choice of beers from innovative craft brewers to satisfy a beer lovers search for the perfect brew.


Artisan Cheese

Our wide variety of fine artisan cheeses is ever-changing seasonal selections, with new additions, plus Frank’s favorites. We support local farms with grass-fed herds making organic cheeses by hand in small batches, whenever possible. All of our cheeses come from humanely cared for animals that are never given hormones.


Bulk Foods

The Living Earth’s bulk offerings are 100% organic.  Buying in bulk doesn’t necessarily mean big quantities and a big hit to the wallet. Buy as little or as much as you’d like. Getting just the right amount keeps food fresh, reduces waste and lessens your carbon footprint.


Nutrition and Supplements

The Living Earth strives to source nutritional supplements that are GMO-free, vegan and make use of natural botanical concentrates and/or food. We look for the least amount of fillers and additives available. We will only consider carrying the highest quality and most natural supplements and well products. Our track record speaks for itself.  


Health and Beauty

The Living Earth chooses body care products with the most natural ingredients available such as those made solely with botanical ingredients, organic and/or Non-GMO Project Verified whenever possible.  We carry products for all health and beauty needs for your whole family or just yourself.


Housewares and Jewelry

You’ll find items from our housewares department throughout the store including: papers goods, cleaners, pet supplies, books, jewelry, candles, incense, and so much more. 



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