The Song of September

There is an aura of pensive wistfulness that hovers about the month of September. It is a month steeped in change that compels us to reflect on the passing of the carefree days of summer yet look forward to the crisp, cool, energized days of autumn. It’s back to school, back to work, back to whatever and back to football (sorry Tom, you’ll have to wait until October). September has sparked the artistic Muse in the creation of a myriad of popular songs throughout the years. September Song, the classic standard from the 1938 Broadway Show Knickerbocker Holiday, was recorded by Frank Sinatra on three different occasions. Dinah Washington’s September in the Rain (1961), See You in September (originally sung by The Tempos in 1959 and covered by The Happenings in 1966), Earth, Wind and Fire’s September from 1978, September Morn by Neil Diamond (1979) and Green Day’s Wake Me Up When September Ends (2004) are all testaments to  a month replete with introspection and inspiration.

During this month of the Harvest Moon (Sept. 16), Many Hands Farm in Barre will continue to bring us the freshest local organic produce from their fertile fields, picked and delivered to us on the same day. Living Earth’s partnership with Many Hands Farm has now spanned an incredible 31 years. We commend Many Hands Farm for their dedication to optimizing the nutrient density of their organic produce and their commitment to soil carbon restoration, an important factor in reducing greenhouse gases and mitigating climate change.

Although spring and summer are behind us, you can still savor the gifts of these seasons by enjoying a number of cheeses made from the milk of cows and sheep that have grazed on chlorophyll-rich pasture grasses and are now coming of age. Vermont Shepherd Farm, in Westminster West, Vermont, is the oldest sheep dairy farm in the U.S. The Major-Ielpi family produces Verrano, a raw sheep’s milk cheese made only from the milk of pastured ewes. The cheese is aged 3-5 months and is comparable to the finest sheep’s milk cheeses from Spain, France and Italy. This is a high protein, lower fat cheese that is naturally rich in vitamins A and E, omega -3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acids and is easy to digest. Robinson Farm in Hardwick, Massachusetts produces several organic raw milk farmstead cheeses from their herd of Holstein, Normandy and Jersey cows. Ray and Pam Robinson’s A Barndance (a play- on- words from the French Abondance) and Prescott (named after the peninsula that juts out into the Quabbin Reservoir) are award winning cheeses made in the style of French alpine fromages. Hardwick Stone is a brick style cheese that is akin to a mild cheddar. The terroir of Central Massachusetts’ verdant rolling hills where the farm is located comes through when you nibble on these wonderful local cheeses produced right here in Worcester County.  

The construction, renovation, painting and decorations have been completed. The menu is poised to please; the bar eager to slake your thirst for something new. Bootleggers Prohibition Pub is officially open and ready to serve up classic comfort food imbued with nuance and elegance that reflects the experience and expertise of Chef Al Maykel.  Along with the fabulous fare, an assortment of spirited libations just might entice you to Lindy Hop down to the corner of Chandler Street and Park Avenue and Jitterbug your way into the Dewey Street entrance. And don’t forget the operative passwords: “Great Time”. Yes, indeed: Shine On, Harvest Moon!