Happy Thanksgiving

The floodgates to the holiday season are now open and the maelstrom of corporate commercialism is strategically poised to engulf us. Combine that with the contentious, mind-numbing presidential race we’ve endured for the past year and it’s no wonder that many of us are ready to throw our arms up in despair. May I suggest that you take a look at all the turmoil in other parts of the world and hope you’ll agree that we still have so much to be thankful for. Take a deep breath, gird yourself to ward off the incessant, blathering ad campaigns and enjoy your Thanksgiving with family and friends. Share wonderful, wholesome food, engage in spirited (and respectful) conversation, don’t short change it to wait on some black Friday line and please include a blessing for those less fortunate than ourselves.

Turkey Talk that Walks the Walk- A turkey has been the centerpiece of most Thanksgiving dinners for at least 160 years. The Living Earth has been providing fresh, organic and natural turkeys for the discerning consumer for the last 40 years. These are delectable alternatives to the bombastic birds that are pumped-up and jacked-up on hormones, antibiotics, growth enhancers, genetically engineered feed and injectable (and objectionable) “self-basting” additives. Reserve a bird of distinction with a $10.00 deposit. Quantities are limited so please order early to ensure that one these succulent turkeys will grace your table on November 24.

Celebrate with Our Native Nuts: American Native Organic Pecans- These tasty morsels of pecan-heaven are smaller and sweeter than the typical hybridized commercial pecans. They are harvested in Southwestern Missouri, the northernmost range for pecan trees. The cooler climate, shorter growing season and wild heritage of these trees produces a nut with higher oil content, sweeter taste and a more distinctive flavor profile.

Hammon’s Black Walnuts- Unlike the commercial walnuts from California that originated in Persia, black walnut trees are native to Midwest and East-Central U.S. Highly prized for its beautiful grained wood, the black walnut is also a culinary delight. The nuts are harvested from wild trees and then shelled to yield small but flavorful nutmeats. The bold taste is more pronounced than in commercial walnuts, with the flavor of the wild forest coming through. Taste a walk on the wild side!

Vegan Variables- For those who celebrate Thanksgiving with a vegan spread, we will be offering Tofurky roasts, feasts and gravy at discounted prices. Rob and James will stock the produce area with an exceptional assortment of fresh organic fruits and vegetables to lay the foundation for a memorable feast.  And don’t forget Rob’s Bog where you can harvest your own organic Cape Cod cranberries from a glistening pool of bobbing, bodacious ruby-red berries. For a festive vegan grog, try our dairy-free nogs to put you in the holiday spirit. Vegan “cheeses”, creamers and whipped toppings will also be available.

Holiday Pies- Choose from a selection of delicious homemade vegan pies from our kitchen. Varieties include apple, cranberry-apple, blueberry and pumpkin.

Wine Sublime- Peruse Andrew’s curated selection of fine wines from around the world. Organic varieties and those without added sulfites are always available. Wine & cheese tasting on Fri. Nov. 18 from 5-7 pm. Craft Beers- Check in with Joseph, the Great Bearded One, for his  hop-headed recommendations and IPA expertise. 

This Year I‘m Thankful For: Julie Rawson and Jack Kittredge from Many Hands Organic Farm in Barre. They have supplied the Living Earth with fresh, local organic produce since 1985. Julie and Jack have been on the cutting edge of modern organic farming, incorporating no-till planting, nutrient density enhancement and making a serious commitment to soil carbon restoration. Their Many Hands Sustainability Center has given recovering addicts, troubled youth and former incarcerated individuals an opportunity to work in a healthy, non-discriminating environment. We are proud supporters of Julie and Jack, Many Hands Farm and their wonderful mission.