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The Promise of March

                                                                      And the riverbank talks

                                                                      of the waters of March

                                                                       It’s the promise of life

                                                                       It’s the joy in your heart

                                                                   Excerpt from the song:  Aguas de Marco (Waters of March)

                                                                                           Composed by Antonio Carlos Jobim

In recent times, has there been a month we have looked forward to with so much anticipation as March, 2015? After a brutal, record-breaking February, we are hopeful that March will exhibit a kinder, gentler demeanor than its predecessor.  Instead of expounding on all the negatives (degrees and otherwise), there are some positives to be had from all the cold and snow.  The extreme cold we experienced in February may help limit the spread of the Asian long horned beetle population that’s been infesting Worcester’s maple trees and also the woolly adelgids decimating our eastern hemlocks.  All the melting snow (let’s hope it happens gradually) will provide ample runoff to keep our reservoirs close to capacity, unlike our unfortunate, drought-stricken compatriots out west.  The vernal pools that so many of our native amphibians (frogs, toads and salamanders) are dependent on for breeding should remain viable with sufficient water levels, enabling the eggs to hatch and the larvae to mature into their adult forms.

   Aside from paying our last respects to February by flipping the calendar page (and maybe flipping something else), March also brings us maple sugaring, daylight savings time, St. Patrick’s Day and the vernal equinox- yes, Spring!  Now is the time to get your High Mowing organic tomato, pepper and eggplant seeds started indoors, giving them the head start they will need before being transplanted outdoors in May.  In recognition of the once dormant, life-force sap now pulsing through the sugar maple trees, Living Earth is offering sale pricing on a variety of organic maple syrups throughout the month.  Enjoy the sweet essence of the New England countryside on your pancakes, waffles, in a smoothie or as an ingredient in sweet/savory marinades and sauces.

  In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we are featuring two fine cheeses from the Emerald Isle. Take a pass on the green beer and savor a chunk of Cahill Porter Cheddar instead. This farmhouse cheddar, from County Limerick, is infused with a lacey network of dark Guinness porter, giving the cheese the look of a whimsical marbled mosaic. If a basic cheddar is more your preference, than Wexford Irish cheddar is bold enough to do a jig on your palate but sweet and smooth enough not to trample it. This all-purpose cheddar is excellent in mac and cheese, grilled cheese, omelets, topping a cracker or just popping into your mouth. Come by to sample both of these outstanding cheeses on Saturday, March 14 from 11am-1pm. Erin go bragh! 

   We will be taking meat orders for your Easter table (April 5) this month. Spiral hams, a variety of beef cuts and pork roasts will be available along with other specialty items. Rob’s produce case will be brimming with fresh organic fruits and vegetables to compliment your main course.

   Welcome in spring by listening to “Waters of March”(“Aguas de Marco” in Portuguese), my favorite Bossa Nova tune from the genius of Antonio Carlos (Tom) Jobim. It is considered one of Brazil’s greatest songs. Jobim adapted the English lyrics to correspond with our spring in the northern hemisphere. Two versions I particularly like are a duet by Jobim and Elis Regina, sung in Portuguese, and a superb rendition by Susannah McCorkle. Both can be listened to on YouTube. It’s the promise of spring; it’s the joy in your heart!