May the Source Be With You

Of all the seasons, New Englanders get shortchanged on spring. Each year our greedy winter overstays its welcome and “X’s” out too many days on the calendar. Thank the heavens for May- the essence of spring distilled and concentrated, the culmination of the season into one glorious month! The birds, the bees, the flowers and the trees- all are pulsing with the rebirth of their vibrant energies, vivid colors and infinite optimism. As we welcome back the warblers, orioles, thrushes and wrens from their spring migration, it’s time to get down and dirty in the warm, beckoning soil and begin to plant a garden that will reward us with the freshest, uber-local produce you can imagine. High Mowing Organic Seed Company from Walcott, Vermont produces non-GMO heirloom, open-pollinated and hybrid seeds that are specifically selected for our northeast climate.  Living Earth offers over 50 varieties to choose from including three kinds of kale, assorted greens, mesclun mix, culinary herbs and ornamental sunflowers.

Fiddleheads and Ramps are proof positive that spring is in full swing. Take advantage of these fleeting delicacies before it’s too late. Fiddleheads are the furled fronds of young edible ferns (usually ostrich ferns) that resemble the curled knob of their namesake. They are typically boiled or steamed before being served.   Ramps are spring aliums that are foraged in the forests from the southern Appalachians to New England. They are sometimes referred to as wild leeks with the bulb part resembling the white portion of a scallion. The bulb tapers into a burgundy hued stem that is crowned with delicate green plume- shaped leaves. The taste can best be described as a cross between a scallion and fresh garlic. As you shop the produce section for these evanescent edibles, you just might catch our produce manager Rob ramping and stamping to the fiddlehead beat.

While the local song birds are building their nests and preparing for this year’s broods, the chickens at Many Hands Organic Farm are pecking away at the grasses and protein-rich insects that populate the farmscape as well as the organic feed, fresh organic sprouts and pulverized oyster shells that Julie and the crew provide for them. All of this organic goodness results in the best tasting, most nutritious eggs available in our area, or maybe even the U.S.!  From the sturdy calcified shells to the brilliant orange yolks and the properly viscous whites, these eggs are the epitome of organic perfection. Get cracking and pick up a dozen of these delectable beauties and realize that the hype is indeed reality.

The BBQ season is upon us, with Memorial Day weekend closing out the month. Natural hardwood charcoal imparts an unrivaled flavor to your grilling fare without the petroleum distillates found in commercial charcoal. Natural steaks, ground beef, sausages and chicken, free of growth hormones, antibiotics and additives, are available as well as organic eggplant, Portobello mushrooms, peppers and other produce varieties that are perfect for the grill. Vegan meat substitutes that are grill-friendly are also available and can be topped with vegan cheese alternatives for the full veggie experience.

Mother’s Day at EVO. Reserve your table early for lunch or dinner and treat your beloved Mom to Chef Al’s eclectic cuisine featuring Mother’s Day specials along with the current spring menu.

Welcome back, Mike!  After an eight month hiatus in Hawaii, Mike Somes has rejoined the Living Earth team to the delight of the staff, management and all the customers that Mike has been acquainted with over the past few years. And yes, he will remember your name since it is indelibly inscribed in this savant’s magnificent memory bank.