The Month in Between with the Promise of Green

March in New England is a conflicted month- not quite ready to shed its winter coat; not yet committed to endorsing spring. The trees are beginning to leaf out in Charleston, S.C. and the cherry blossom buds in Washington, D.C. are swelling in anticipation of their coming out party later in the month. We hearty Bay Staters on the other hand will have to be content with intrepid crocuses boldly poking their showy heads above the frozen ground and the sweet pulse of sap defying gravity and flowing up through our beloved sugar maple trees, icons of the New England forest. But the month that springs us into daylight savings time, celebrates the spirit of the Emerald Isle, spins our planet toward the vernal equinox and brings us an early Easter is a month of hope, promise and joy.

Local Maple Syrup - Harm's Family Farm provides the Living Earth with an all-natural, local maple syrup from their sugar bush in Brookfield. Luke and Sonja tap the sugar maples and slowly evaporate the sap in their sugar house to create a luscious maple syrup that rivals any from out neighbors to the north. We sell the syrup in quarts, pints and half-pints which will nicely compliment the four varieties of Arrowhead Mills organic pancake mixes that we carry: buttermilk, multi-grain, buckwheat, and a gluten-free version.

Erin Go Bragh - Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with some fine Irish cheeses from the Emerald Isle. As usual, we will feature Cahill's Porter Cheddar from Country Limerick. This farmhouse cheese is infused with Guinness porter, providing a dark, earthy counterpoint to the sweet creaminess of the cheddar. If a more traditional cheddar is to your liking, then savor some Wexford Irish Cheddar, the transformation and culmination of milk from free-ranging cows feasting on the lush, green grasses that gives Ireland its gem of a nickname. We will be sampling these cheeses on Saturday, March 12th from 11am-1pm. For your boiled Irish dinner, organic cabbage potatoes, carrots and onions from Living Earth will flavor the pot. 

Planning, Planting & the Equinox - Let the vernal equinox and High Moving organic seeds from Wolcott, Vermont, be your inspiration for planning your garden this year. With over 50 varieties to choose from, our High Mowing seed rack will provide superior seeds proven to be ideal for our fickle New England climate. Now is also the time to plant your tomato, pepper and eggplant seeds indoors so that they have a sufficient head start before transplanting them outdoors in May. Peas can be planted this month as soon as the soil can be worked. They are one of the few vegetables that can tolerate "cold, wet feet". 

Easter Sunday Ham & Eggs - The Living Earth will offer all-natural spiral hams and roasts for your Easter table. Please order early as supplies are limited. We will also have organic white eggs for coloring. You can create your own organic dyes by visiting our grocery and produce departments for turmeric, paprika, onion skins, beets, spinach, red cabbage, blueberries and coffee. Various sites online will give you specific recipes for a panoply of colors.

Goodbye Lady Erica - Erica D., the tall, lithesome lass with the mane of curly, blonde hair, ebullient energy and exquisite customer service has moved to Philadelphia. Evo and the Living Earth will miss her dedicated service and her trademark boisterous laugh and sparkling eyes. We wish her the best of luck in all her future endeavors and propose a toast to her with one of her favorite organic wines.